I Love My Natural Self Princess Malia Book

I Love My Natural Self Princess Malia Book


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Rejoice Bhila Kwaramba is a South African from Zimbabwe, a wife and mother of two. She has worked in retail management for over 10 years and also obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Management in the UK. Rejoice was inspired by her daughter to create dolls and books celebrating natural beauty and African Culture.

The book titles are ( I love my natural self Princess Cleopatra and I love my natural self Princess Malia). She believes it is important to let little girls around the world from a young age that they are naturally beautiful. Rejoices aim is to promote beauty in diversity, self-love, and unity. She is a social media influencer and natural beauty advocate. About the Book Malia is a story based on an African Princess who had dark skin and beautiful natural hair.

Malia was a royal princess and one day her aunt took her out of the palace to a market where she made a new friend. Malia did not get to go out much but this day was very special to her because she managed to go to the market and she made a friend who helped her find her way back to the palace when she got lost.