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She can't wait to meet you!!!

The Vinyl Plastic Lol Baby Dolls Toy is nontoxic, colorless and tasteless for safe usage. The handmade 100% cotton costume together with exquisite technology and control on details are made to provide better quality. Vinyl Plastic Lol Baby Dolls Toy is 45cm tall with high grade acrylic eyes, but it seems that they are unable to blink. The black exploding hair is implanted by handmade, you can play you imagination to change hairstyles for it.

This Vinyl Plastic Lol Baby Dolls Toy is great for girls and collectors, this exquisite doll adds beauty and glamour to the festive season -- and makes a splendid keepsake. We use imported vinyl with favorable resistance to chemical attacks, good tenacity, shock resistance, excellent wear proof performance, outstanding elasticity, and high rebound resilience to deliver longer service life.


  • Net weight: about 1kg
  • Dimensions: about 18 inches 45 cm
  • Hair: Glued wig, smooth and easy to care for
  • Material: The whole body is made of taiwan vinyl
  • Eyes: Taiwan high-grade acrylic eyes, can not bling